The Innovation Institute delivers creativity training programs to individuals, teams, and organizations that build the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to seize opportunities and generate creative solutions.


The Innovation Institute Experience


Artists are the experts at the Innovation Institute. As experts of the creative process, they are what distinguish our program from other leadership, innovation, or ideation programs. Each program is co-led by a professional artist who works alongside an expert facilitator.

Expertly Facilitated

The primary role of our professional facilitator will be to guide the flow of the program and lead insightful conversations for your team to reflect on their experience(s) and explore ways to apply what they learned. As part of customizing the experience, you will have the opportunity to speak directly with the program facilitator to discuss program objectives.

Arts-Based Curriculum

Using artistic skills, processes, and experiences as educational tools, the Innovation Institute fosters learning in non-artistic disciplines by helping your team to “Think Like an Artist.” By teaching participants Habits of Mind mastered by professional artists, your team will be more disposed to draw upon the habits when they face uncertain or challenging situations moving forward.

Hands-On Experience

Your team will make meaning from direct experience in an environment that cultivates success through adventure, risk taking, and failure. Our experiential program carves out time and space for each participant to engage in meaningful discovery, which makes for impactful and sustainable learning.

Learning Environment

At the Innovation Institute, we build teams that create success by developing 21st century leadership skills including critical thinking, collaboration, and the ability to work with diverse audiences and perspectives.

The learning environment we create includes the time and space for exploration and discovery. Each angle uncovered in the experience provides a different perspective on the situation and unleashes new insights for your team.

Innovation Institute exercises will allow participants to:

  • Experience the feeling and value of play
  • See new possibility in existing resources;
  • Let go of predetermined outcomes;
  • Work with others creatively under constraints;
  • Help see the value of other’s perspectives; and
  • Use metaphors to grow peer-to-peer communication and understanding.

Since 2005, the Innovation Institute has delivered powerful artist-led programs to over fifty global companies from multiple sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Financial Services & Banking
  • Non Profits
  • Energy
  • Professional Services

Program participants include, but are not limited to:

  • C-Suite Leaders to Front Line Employees
  • Teachers & Principals
  • High Potentials
  • Intact & Cross Functional Teams
  • Conference Attendees

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“Leading a team of geographically dispersed professionals who are continuously seeking innovative solutions for their customers, the Innovation Institute experience personally engaged myself and our team in the process and importance of creative collaboration. It helped give us the freedom to look at the right solution first and check that idea with all the rules and processes second.”

Bob Bertges,