New Works / Alumni Four

September 12–November 16, 2019

New Works / Alumni Four is the fourth in a series of exhibitions featuring distinguished McColl Center alumni artists.

Zoë Charlton (2017), Lori Larusso (2010), and Izel Vargas (2008) employ the iconography of home to explore the complex relationships between domestic space, personal memory, cultural identity, and “the American Dream.” There, distorted architectures and displaced dwellings give way to fantastical milieus haunted by the stories of their current and former inhabitants. Their works embody a collective tension, acting as both an homage to and a critique of what makes a house a home.

New Works / Alumni Four is curated for McColl Center for Art + Innovation by visiting curator Laura Ritchie.

Artwork: Izel Vargas, All the time in the World (detail), 2019. Mixed media on banner, 62 x 63 inches. Courtesy of the artist.