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@721 McColl Center Journal of Art + Creativity

McColl Center has launched a new digital and limited print publication entitled @721 - McColl Center Journal of Art + Creativity.

“In @721, we will examine ideas about creativity, reveal the infinite mediums of artistic expression, and offer opportunities for discovery. We will challenge ideas and explore works together through interviews with artists, essays and poems, special creative content, and even music. Each issue will have a theme highlighting what we’re thinking about in the moment,” said Alli Celebron- Brown, President + CEO.

Our goal as a creative hub is to expand access to art and creativity beyond the physical walls of McColl Center. @721 adds an additional way for McColl Center to connect with artists, creatives and the community, and for them to connect with each other. With collaboration as our first issue theme for @721, we drew aesthetic inspiration from the print-making practice of chine collé. In this form of artistic practice, disparate materials are joined together in a single work of art using pressure, adhesives and a variety of materials, embodying the concept of collaboration perfectly, said Jonell Logan, Vice-President + Creative Director.

McColl Center is grateful to Atrium Health, a long-time collaborative partner, for sponsoring the inaugural issue of @721. 


@721 SUMMER 2023 | ISSUE #2 | ART AT HOME + AWAY