Artist-in-Residence Program FAQ

Thank you for your interest, below are some commonly asked questions:

Q. What is the duration of the residency? 

A. Our residency program lasts 14 weeks. 

Q. Are AIRS opportunities open to local artists?

A. Yes, we do work with local artists in our Artist-in-Residence program and would love for you to apply. As a local artist we do offer a Studio and Co-Op program, Beyond the Studio workshops, Artist Studio Series classes and a weekly Draw McColl figure drawing class. 

Q. Are poets, furniture makers, metal-artists and sewists etc. eligible to apply? 

A. Art thrives when artists do and art is everywhere. We happily invite artists of all kinds to apply. Our facilities include a Wood shop, Ceramic Lab, Metal Lab, Printmaking Lab, 3D Lab and Media Lab. 

Q. Is there a stipend and housing?

A. Yes, if selected to be an Artist-in-Residence the stipend is $6,000 over the 14 week residency. Furnished housing available in our condominiums adjacent to the McColl Center (for artists from outside the greater Charlotte area). 

Q. Is childcare provided for the Parent Artist-in-Residence?

A. Complimentary summer camp for children ages 6-14.

Q. Can Alumni apply? 

A. McColl Center alumni artists should wait five years before applying for another residency. Artists are limited to two residencies at McColl Center.