Asa Jackson

“The foundation of my work is based in lived with and discarded items. Garments, bags, household fabrics, pillows, curtains, blankets, newspapers, hair ect become the material form. There's a curiosity in the obscured storeis these items hold and the places they've been; a collection of energy that's living.”

The Kings Cord 2023

Asa Jackson is an American artist, curator, and director based in Virginia. As a multidisciplinary artist, Jackson’s work explores the cross section of textile from various countries, peoples, time periods, and personal histories. His works are often anthropological studies, representing the lives of myriad people, their collective and individual stories. By cutting and sewing fabrics together, Jackson metaphorically mixes cultures, time periods, people and places into unified works of art.

Jackson studied sociology at Boston University. He then moved to New York in 2010, where he was featured in several exhibitions, including a career-defining solo exhibition at the Samuel Owen Gallery in Greenwich, CT. Jackson then opened 670 Gallery in Virginia, leading the gallery as its director from 2014-2017. He has since been featured in numerous exhibitions, including more recently MoCA Arlington, VA, Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte, NC, Virginia MoCA in Virginia Beach, VA, and the Harvy B. Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC. His work is a part of various prominent collections including the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, the Capital One Corporate Collection, and the Hascoe Family Collection. Jackson is the co-founder and executive director of the CAN Foundation, a not-for-profit arts organization in Newport News, VA, with a focus on artist development, arts education, and public projects. He served on the board of the Virginia Commission for the Arts from 2018-2023 where he acted as chairman for FY 2022.

In partnership with UNC Charlotte.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Dec 17 — Apr 14 2024

Currently Based VA, USA

Hometown Washington D.C

Mediums Multi-disciplinary Media

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Partners UNC Charlotte