Carlos Estévez

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Born in Cuba, Carlos Estévez received his training at the Instituto Superior de Arte in his hometown of Havana in 1992. Now based in Miami, Estévez has participated in residencies at universities and cultural institutions throughout Europe and the Americas. He has won several awards for his work, including the grand prize of the Salón de la Ciudad in 1994 and the grand prize of the Primer Salón de Arte Cubano Contemporáneo in 1995. 

Estévez will focus his residency at McColl Center on the development of new paintings, assemblages, and ceramics to create a metaphor between the earth and the sky, and matter and the spirit. He will also work closely with patients at the Levine Cancer Institute of Carolinas HealthCare System, in the Integrative Oncology Unit, to introduce them to the world of art and complement the medical services they are already receiving. Estévez believes: “Like water and air, art is the purification of the human spirit; it can heal, and definitely change people’s lives.”

Artist Information

Residency Dates Jan 11 — May 3 2016

Currently Based MIAMI, FL