Franco Fasoli

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Graduated from the National School of Ceramics and the Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colo´n, where he studied scenography, the Argentinian artist Franco Fasoli has changed and evolved his work in many ways. In addition to his formal academic education, he has participated in painting workshops with Jose Marchi, Nahuel Vecino and Diana Aisemberg.

One of the main features of his latest work is the exploration of different scales and materials for his pieces. From large-format paintings in public spaces to small works in bronze or paper, the fluctuation of contexts and resources has been the fuel of his art.

The tension between the global, dominant culture, and the sub-cultures as a space of resistance, has been the subject of study in his work, both at the conceptual level and in his actions throughout his career. The multiple forms of individual and collective identity are the backbone of the artist’s sociological influence. Being
represented through conflict, confrontation and discursive juxtaposition, Fasoli does not intend to answer the question, but rather to constantly redesign the proposal, to question the questioning and to go back to questioning himself.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Dec 1 — Mar 1 2021

Currently Based Argentina, Argentina