K Sarrantonio


K Sarrantonio (they/them) is a genderqueer visual artist and parent who uses printmaking and video projection to represent aspects of queer domesticity and contemplate the gendering of the body. Their prints explore elements of domestic queer culture and represent objects historically associated with butch identities. K’s creative work began with political spray paint stencils as a young person, which led to their interest in printmaking.

Using both static, two-dimensional images and the moving image in their work, Sarrantonio uses printmaking and video projection. Their two-dimensional prints make are based on photos or stills from video projects which are often projected on walls or artist-built structures. Experimentation and adaption of process is also important in their work. Sarrantonio began using DIY printmaking methods because they don’t require a printshop. DIY is a central element of the queer (dyke/punk/riot grrrl) culture that was a part of their development. With these prints, K uses paper stencils rather than a photo emulsion process which means that they can work from almost anywhere, this also enables them to teach people to print from home. The act of bringing people into printmaking is an important part of their practice.

Artist Information

Residency Dates May 16 — Aug 9 2022

Currently Based NY, USA

Hometown Hudson Valley, NY

Artist’s Website ksarrantonio.com