Liz Nielsen

Liz Nielsen

For the better part of the past decade, Liz Nielsen has been patiently working in the dark, methodically exploring the possibilities of camera-less color photograms. Of course, there is some degree of chance inherent in her process (mostly in the precision of alignment or placement in the dark), but for the most part, her compositions are carefully planned and pre-visualized. Over the years, her images have oscillated back and forth at the edge between abstraction and recognizable representation, where overlapping triangles, squares, circles, and strips have been gathered and layered into complex geometries and elemental forms, some seeming to evoke the simplified shapes of mountains, suns, moons, and landscapes.

Written By Loring Knoblauch

Artist Information

Residency Dates Dec 1 — Mar 1 2021

Currently Based Brooklyn, New York

Mediums Photography
Digital Photography

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