Marcus Kiser | Jason Woodberry

“I want art all over the city.”

Marcus Kiser and Jason Woodberry identify themselves as sci-fi nerds. As creative collaborators, they co-opt space and futuristic themes to tell a story of tolerance in racial tensions and to demonstrate sensitivity and empathy.

Kiser’s work draws inspiration from a range of sources including classical art, comic books, graffiti, and current social and political issues. He is a graduate of the Art Institute, was a founding member of GodCity Studios, and has been a graphic designer and illustrator for 13 years. Woodberry is a digital illustration and mixed media artist who casts an invigoratingly surreal eye on the chaotic trove of popular culture and contemporary socio-political issues. An Art Institute graduate, web developer, and IT specialist, he combines multimedia street art and a minimalist-inspired aesthetic in his work. 

Kiser and Woodberry’s 2015 exhibition Intergalactic Soul at the Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture addressed issues of racism, injustice, segregation, and mis-education through the layered lens of history, Afro-Futurism, and science fiction.


the Contemporaries Commissioned Artist 2024

Kiser’s work draws inspiration from a broad range of sources ranging from classical art to comic books and graffiti. A Charlotte native, he is an artist and graphic designer who is comfortable in an equally broad range of media, branding, product design, and three-dimensional printing. His work pulls from mass media and collective urban-based conscience, heavily influenced by current social and political issues. Kiser has recently done work with Jordan Brand, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Museum of Design, and Adidas. Kiser was in residence at McColl Center in 2016.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Aug 22 — May 2 2017

Currently Based Charlotte, NC

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