Marion Wilson

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Marion Wilson is an environmental artist whose work often incorporates collaboration and education. At the core of her practice, she looks to what it means to be human and how we attach to one another across class, race, and life circumstance. She does this through simple gestures of art: acts of neighboring, mobility, presence, and creating collective social spaces. 

One of Wilson’s early projects examined the last meals of death row victims through casts of the food in order to make a connection to interpretations of the Last Supper. Other recent projects have included 601 Tully, an abandoned space that was renovated into a neighborhood art museum and education center; MLAB, an RV that was renovated by students and the artist into a digital lab, poetry library, and community gallery that travels to various schools; and This Store Too, a mobile pushcart/street store that  featured items purchased from and exchanged with men from the Bowery Mission in Manhattan (both a public soup kitchen and a shelter for men in rehabilitation). Wilson’s portfolio ranges from large scale collaborations to small landscape and moss paintings on glass slides. 

Artist Information

Residency Dates Aug 22 — Nov 22 2016

Currently Based Syracuse, NY

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