Sepideh Tajalizadeh

“I aim to raise questions about how the phallocentric system's historical influence continues to impact the present sociocultural realities of female-embodied subjectivity.”


Sepideh Dashti is a mother, interdisciplinary artist, art-based researcher, PhD student, and art instructor based in Memphis, TN, USA.
At the core of her artistic practice lies a profound exploration of her visceral experiences, navigating the interlocking systems of oppression such as patriarchy and racism and their impact on female bodies denied agency. Through her body performances, video, photographs, text, textiles, and installations, Dashti utilizes her diasporic lens to explore the intricate and multifaceted gender and race-based challenges experienced by an Iranian immigrant woman. These artistic expressions shed light on the continued contestation of her body, even after her relocation, inviting audiences to confront the complexities of her lived experience. Her art serves as a vehicle for rediscovering, reinventing, and reinterpreting her cultural identity, becoming a pivotal point in her exploration of diverse and heterogeneous contexts. She appropriates dominant philosophies and technologies, interweaving them with her lived experiences to create compelling and authentic artwork.

Generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Jun 4 — Aug 13 2024

Currently Based TN, USA

Mediums Photography

Artist’s Website

Partners National Endowment for the Arts