Diaspora Disassociation: A Solo Exhibition by The Artist Nill

Date: Friday, June 16 —Saturday, August 12, 2023
Location: McColl Center

Dissociation: The lack of continuity between thoughts, memories, surroundings, actions, and identity. –Google

Nill's work engages with the relationship between Europe and Africa and their shared histories. Exploring narratives and histories not commonly shared within the American educational school system, and what Africa has brought to Europe as well as what Europe has brought to Africa. The work included in this exhibition is part of a series  framed within a Classical European context; giving grounding to work familiar to most Western audiences, and then engaging in questions of history, both old and contemporary, in a surreal and almost dreamlike setting, that suggests something is askew. Within this context she keeps women at the forefront, engaging in their strength, perseverance, wisdom, and guidance. Nill seeks to challenge, teach, and explore what it means to be a docent of your own history while canonizing these figures in a new light.


Nill is a multi-disciplinary artist currently working out of North Carolina. Her principal practice revolves around painting, sculpted by history surrounding the African Diaspora. She also engages in conceptual work and printmaking intertwining ideas of emotions, freedom, and the human experience.

Diaspora Disassociation will open on Friday, June 16 as part of Front Lawn Friday.