Dwell, Pause for Thought

Date: Friday, September 15, 2023
Location: McColl Center

In the realm of printmaking, where the physicality of the medium merges with artistic expression, Dwell, Pause for Thought invites us to immerse ourselves in the work and consider the significance of time, craft, tradition, and intention, and slow down to explore the discipline of printmaking. 

Printmaking is a vehicle for capturing the essence of our surroundings. This exhibition evokes a profound sense of pause. Through meticulous techniques and deliberate artistic choices, the artists coax viewers to engage in a momentary retreat from the frantic pace of modern life. The physical nature of printmaking and its constant battle between a graphic or textured response, invites tactile exploration, encouraging visitors to speculate on the how.

Investigation and curiosity are integral aspect of this exhibition. We are encouraged to look at the intricate details, layered symbolism, and underlying narratives of each of the works of art. By encouraging a thoughtful exploration of varied processes and ideas, this exhibition celebrates the power of printmaking as a medium for both artistic expression and personal introspection.

Artists with featured works: