Mini Art Lab: Cacti Collages With Sharon Dowell


Cacti Collages is a quick, step-by-step tutorial for all skill levels to create colorful still life art using paper and paints. In this 30-minute art lesson, McColl Center alumna artist Sharon Dowell will inspire you to think outside the box while leading you through the mixed media art-making process that can be used for a variety of your own projects. Best for ages 8 and up.

What you’ll learn:

·  How to use a variety of mediums in one work  

·  How to add texture

·  How to build layers to create a collage

What you need to create:

·  Two or more sheets of thick paper (mixed media paper for wet mediums is best)

·  Acrylic or watercolor paint

·  Markers or sharpies

·  Paint brush

·  Palette or paper plate

·  Cup of water

·  Plastic spoon or palette knife

·  Small piece of cardboard

·  Scissors

·  Glue stick

Optional materials:

·  Scrapbooking paper

·  Magazines

·  Pens

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