Tell Me More


Tell Me More showcases three McColl Center for Art + Innovation artists-in-residence, current and alumni, who use seemingly simple techniques to create striking, deeply personal artworks that embody diverse stories about our human experience.

Dustin Farnsworth (2017 Windgate Artist-in-Residence) meticulously fabricates elaborate figurative forms using carpentry techniques to explore aspects of our human psyche.

Joyce J. Scott (2013 Knight Alumna Artist) strings beads and other materials into neck and wall pieces as well as imposing sculptural installations to reflect on gender, ethnicity, and urban experience.

Mary Tuma (2009 Alumna Artist) ties fabric pieces together to create expansive sculptural installations that explore aspects of human form.

In each and together, handwork is used to fashion engaging, provocative, and visually compelling stories that chronicle our humanness in uniquely physical, visually evocative, and striking forms.

Guest Curator: Mark Richard Leach

Image: Tell Me More, featuring artists Dustin Farnsworth, Joyce J. Scott, and Mary Tuma, installation view, 2017. Courtesy of McColl Center.