Introducing CuratedMC: McColl Center Unveils Innovative App Uniting Art Communities Through Technology

Introducing CuratedMC: McColl Center Unveils Innovative App Uniting

Art Communities Through Technology

Charlotte, North Carolina, September 20, 2023 – McColl Center proudly introduces CuratedMC, a groundbreaking virtual platform for its community. Encompassing McColl Center artists and partners, art enthusiasts, families, and the entire creative community. This transformative platform, accessible via web and mobile app, possesses the unique capability to transcend physical boundaries and facilitate meaningful conversations, inspirations, and networking opportunities.

"In contemplating the future, we asked ourselves, 'What should we be thinking about?'" remarked Alli Celebron-Brown, President + CEO of McColl Center. “We developed the concept for CuratedMC as we considered transcending physical boundaries, embracing local and global artistic talent, and harnessing technology to redefine the possibilities of creative impact within the nonprofit sector."

To realize this vision, McColl Center partnered with Rallyware, a Silicon Valley-based technology company, and presented the idea to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. Through the Knight’s Art + Tech Expansion Fund in Charlotte, McColl Center was awarded support to leverage technology to amplify their impact and outreach.

Thus began the endeavor to bring CuratedMC to life—a digital ecosystem designed to empower artists to connect, explore, and flourish collectively. With alumni artists scattered from the Carolinas to Seattle and Berlin to Buenos Aires, CuratedMC provides a space for not only artists but also art enthusiasts and the art-curious alike. It will serve as a dynamic arena for virtual exhibitions, art-related discussions, inspiration sharing, collecting insights, insights into the art business, and staying up to date on all the latest offerings and events hosted by the McColl Center.

Celebron-Brown emphasizes the transformative potential of CuratedMC: "The power of art extends beyond a singular work, process, or physical space. CuratedMC will transform the digital landscape into an empowering platform where artists and art supporters can engage, discover, and thrive collectively, supporting one another's growth and success."

The launch of CuratedMC marks a significant milestone for the McColl Center, bridging art and technology. Now McColl Center can share their world of contemporary art with a global audience, fostering creativity and connection; building community that extends far beyond a physical space and transforms how art communities engage and collaborate in the digital age.

For more information about CuratedMC please visit Also available for download via google play and app store.