McColl Center Receives GuideStar Platinum Seal of Approval for 2023

McColl Center Receives GuideStar Platinum Seal of Approval for 2023

The GuideStar Profile will be made publicly available by the McColl Center for the second year in a row. It is a great honor to acquire the seal, which will enable the McColl Center to demonstrate transparency—that is, that as a public funding agency, we have gone above and beyond to demonstrate that we are accountable stewards of the funds we receive. We included a ton of more details about the composition of the Board, the DEIA initiatives, and our indicators of success.

Grantmakers, donors, and nonprofits can all benefit from using GuideStar. This is the world's largest and most comprehensive information for nonprofits. This third-party organizational report, which effectively Verifies the authenticity of our non-profit,and is used by funders of all shapes and sizes. GuideStar links Grantmakers and Funders with nonprofit groups in the regions they want to service by offering organizational breakdowns, summaries, statistics, outcomes, data, and more. To determine whether this is an organization they feel comfortable contributing to, people want to examine the publicly available financial information, our mission, our metrics, and the demographics of our staff and Board. We're demonstrating that we're not just stealing money or stuffing a CEO's pocket with it.

The GuideStar candid seals of transparency are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum scores, which are all based on how much information submitted and how reliable it was. Our application is renewed annually. The McColl Center team regularly updates this data with the most recent annual statistics. Giving the potential donors the full picture: show them your impact to fast-tracking your fundings: a few examples from our profile page are

  • Number of professional artists employed: 82
  • Total dollars paid to artists: $133,864
  • Total number of audience members: $14,950
  • Total number of classes offered: 86

Check out our information page on Candid: McColl Center for Art + Innovation - GuideStar Profile