Teacher Workshop Invention & Modeling Day from the McColl Center

Teacher Workshop Invention & Modeling Day from the McColl Center

On August’s Teacher Workday, McColl Center and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools joined forces to organize a Professional Development workshop for visual art teachers within the CMS district. This full-day program hosted 250 teachers who took part in two workshops throughout the with a break for lunch in between. McColl Center teaching artists were paired with CMS art teacher to lead workshops in 9 different categories:

  • Screen Printing (Myles Calvert)
  • Gelli Printing (Felicia van Bork)
  • Alternative Printmaking (CMS only)
  • 3D/Laser Printing (Jonathan
  • Ceramics sculpture (Doris Kapner)
  • Mixed Media (Chad Cartwright)
  • Rug Tufting (Danoshia Blake)
  • Graphic Design (Lainey Sneddon)
  • Projection Mapping (CMS only)

The attending teachers had the opportunity to choose two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. All our studios, labs, galleries, and the hu were full of teachers learning from practicing artists and each other, with the goal of bringing new skills of ideas back to the classrooms. Here’s what some of the teachers had to say:

Truly such a great PD experience. The workshops offered to us not only inspired projects for my students but personally as well.”

Awesome workshops! Really loved getting to make things with fellow CMS art teachers. While learning skills that can benefit my classroom, I also got to make personal connections with teacher I had not met before.”

"This PD was my first ART PD. I love the building, resources and classes offered. I chose ceramics and mixed media and learned sooooooooo much!!!!! "

"Thank you for letting us get back to connecting with others, in our natural form and space we find most comfortable. We felt secure and humbled by the experience. I looked around and found a lot of positivity and warm welcome. It is nice to dig ourselves into the content we choose to teach. It was important to gather in the studio. What a wonderful day!"

This workshop was made possible by funds from Charlotte Mecklenburg School for teachers in their professional development at the beginning of the school year.