Co-op Program


McColl Center is dedicated to the ideal that art thrives when artists do, and is committed to putting those words into action across its programs, offerings and supports for artists and creatives in our community.

The McColl Center Co-Op program is an additional way to offer tangible, direct options that empower artists and creatives to thrive by opening flexible access to McColl Center labs, tools, space and resources.

Our Co-op Program was created to give local artists access to our facilities and join our community.

We are looking for artists who:

  • Received a grant and need facilities and space to create the work.
  • Are expanding their current concept in scale or medium.
  • Need temporary access to our labs to create new work or develop an idea.
  • Are proficient in their chosen medium but would like to have access to equipment like a larger printing press or table saw to work more efficiently or try out before they purchase one for their own studio.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of local artists, art professionals, and McColl Center staff. We value social, creative, and cultural diversity in our selection process. Co-op artists will be sharing space with our Artists in Residence and Studio Artists so space is limited.


McColl Center’s Co-Op program gives Charlotte artists access to our communal labs from a month-to-month basis with 24/7 access. Unlike our Studio Rental Program, this does not require a year-long lease.

The McColl Center is equipped with a Woodshop, Ceramic Lab, Metal Lab, Media Lab, Printmaking Lab, and a 3D Printing and Laser Cutting Lab along with various tools. See at the bottom of this page a more extensive list of what the McColl provides.


The initial cost for the use of one lab is $165/month. After the initial $165, it will be $10 per studio add-on. To have full access to all five labs at the McColl Center will cost $215/month. Artists must also pay a $50 deposit that will be refunded after their departure. Media Lab is included in all memberships. 

For example, if you wanted to use both the Printmaking Lab and 3D Lab, it would cost $165 for the first studio you choose and then $10 to add on the other, totaling $175. After each month, you have the option to renew if desired.

The above cost includes general support by a Lab Coordinator and basic materials.


Artists must have basic experience using the tools in the labs they choose. New members will recieve a mandatory training with the Lab Coordinator. This includes an orientation to the lab, a manual, and a run-through of each tool.


Each member will receive a locker to store their tools/personal items. Since space is limited at the McColl Center, artists are encouraged to take their work back and forth between visits. This allows all artists at the McColl Center space to actively make their work in each lab without running the risk of injuring themselves or damaging another’s artwork. This is not required for all items, such as ceramics, prints that need to dry, etc.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of local artists, art professionals, community members, and McColl Center staff. We value social, creative and cultural diversity in our selection process.

Please complete the application and choose the Labs you would like to use.



Sawstop 10” Professional Table Saw, Delta 14” Bandsaw, Powermatic 36” Bandsaw, Delta 16.5” Drill Press, JET 18” variable speed scroll saw, Delta 6” belt and 12” disc sander, Dewalt 12” compound miter saw, Powermatic oscillating sander, various clamps

Ceramic Lab:

Skutt Automatic Kiln KM-1227, Skutt Manual Kiln Model 614-3, Brent Model CXC Throwing Wheels, North Star Slab Roller, Extruder, Wedging Tables

Metal Lab:

ESAB MIG Welder, Lincoln Electric MIG Welder, ESAB TIG Welder, ESAB Plasma Cutter, Lincoln Electric Plasma Cutter, Promacut Pipe Bender, Delta 10” Bench Grinder, Baldor 10” Wire Brush, Delta 16” Drill Press, DoALL Bandsaw, Oxy-Acetylene Torch, Oxy-Propane Torch

Printmaking Lab:

Takach Floor Model Etching Press, Charles Etching Press, Ryonet Exposure Unit, Kleen Wash Sink, Letterpress, Book Press, Hot Plate, Vacuum Table with Big Gripper 2, Paper Soaking Sink, Paper Drying Rack, Pressure Washer

3D Lab:

Ultimaker S5 3D Printer with Material Station and Air Manager, Universal Laser Cutter VLS6.60/75 (engraving field dimensions 18x32 inches), plus various hand tools

Media Lab:

2 27” iMac computers, Adobe Creative Suite, Epson SureColor P9000 44” printer, Toshiba 5560C high-speed laser printer, Epson Perfection V500 photo Scanners, Silhoutte CAMEO 3 Electronic Cutter, Nikon D7000 camera, Lowell Ambi-lighting kits, Studio Pro Lighting Kit, Micca media players, Microphones, Speakers, various cables

Hand Tools:

Dewalt Jigsaws, Dewalt Palm Sanders, Dewalt Angle Grinders, various drills, drill bits, dremels, psi grinders, measuring tapes, levels, rulers, canvas stretchers, staple guns, wire brushes, tin snips, utility knives

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