The Contemporaries FAQ

Q: What is the Contemporaries? 

A: the Contemporaries is a new initiative at McColl Center. It is an art collecting community that celebrates creativity and community by commissioning unique artworks from Charlotte area artists, host artist studio visits, workshops, and collector talks. You can participate by becoming a collector member or a supporter member. All are welcome: from the art curious to the experienced collector.  

Q:  Why create the Contemporaries? 

A: Charlotte is ready for a program that builds community and connections to artists through collecting art. It's about understanding the soul of it all . . . the why and how of artists' artistic processes through human connection, learning about and demystifying collecting and having fun while doing so. 

Q: How does it work? 

A: You join the Contemporaries by purchasing a yearly membership. There are two levels of membership: Collector and Supporter. Our first year there are 9 events from May 2024 through February of 2025. Four of the events are reveals at which the commissioned artists reveal their works and share a special experience based in their creative process. Collector members will receive one art work from each of the four commissioned artists.  

Q: What does it mean to be a Collector member? 

A: This year, there will only be 25 collector memberships available. Each collector member will receive: 

  • one (1) original or limited-edition work or art from each of the four commissioned artists, 
  • invitations for two to all nine experiences including the reveal events, 
  • priority registration to all events and workshops, and  
  • two (2) tickets to our Benefit Art Auction 

Q: What does it mean to be a Supporter member? 

A: Supporters join an inclusive community of arts enthusiasts and have access to select experiences throughout the year. This is an ideal way to sample the program if you’re not ready to commit fully! As a supporter, you will receive: 

  • invitations for two to all five non-reveal experiences. Where space is limited, priority registration will be given to Collector members. 
  • early access to the 2025 Contemporaries membership. 

Q: How much does it cost? 

A: A collector membership is $1,800 and includes a plus 1 to all events. Members can also elect to pay $180 monthly. 

A supporter membership is $250 and includes a plus 1 to all non-reveal events.  

Q: How were the commissioned artists selected?  

A: We curated an eclectic mix of artists doing exciting things in the Charlotte art scene and beyond, with a variety of media, creative processes, and inspirations for their work. We chose artists that may not necessarily create small and intimate artworks regularly, to offer collectors something a little extra special and unique.  

Q:  What is a reveal event? 

A:  Collector members will receive original or limited edition works of art from each of the four commissioned artists. The works will be created specifically for the Contemporaries and so there will be an event for each artist when his/her/their works are first unveiled or revealed.  

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