Jackie Milad

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Jackie Milad's large-scale drawings on paper and canvas are a record of her ongoing responses to internal and external stimuli, including the range of music in my headphones, personal conversations, older artwork, current events, politics, symbols of American pop-culture, and my Egyptian-Honduran heritage. Similarly, to using older art as collage material, collaging unrelated words and symbols together on a single plane, questions and eventually shifts their value. The surfaces of Jackie’s drawings are at times thick with layers, purposefully making it hard to see one meaning at one time; instead, they present a collection of varying perspectives competing for the viewer’s attention. Her artwork has been featured in group and solo exhibitions nationally and internationally.

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Conflict Point

May 28–September 5, 2021

Artist Information

Residency Dates Jul 7 — Aug 3 2021

Currently Based Baltimore, Maryland

Mediums Animation

Artist’s Website jackiemilad.com