Lorena Mal

“I'm drawn into places that have a rich history within them for how they open possibilities for dialogue and exploration, setting a challenging context for unexpected questions and different views to meet.”

Lorena Mal grounds her work on the intersections between visual arts, music, and material history to open multiple understandings of time, territory, and identity. Her sound performances, sculptures, installations, and other material explorations on drawing and painting emerge from fieldwork study of materials, places, and echoes of events that are frequently forgotten or subtle by nature. For Mal, listening functions as an investigative tool of what escapes vision, measure, or representation, turning the dynamics of presence, duration, and memory into fundamental elements of her work, and influencing how she uses the exhibition space to propose other ways of time passing.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Jan 1 — Apr 1 2021

Currently Based Mexico, Mexico

Mediums Installation
Sound performance

Artist’s Website www.lorenamal.com

Supporters Windgate Foundation