Rehab El Sadek

“My current creative conceptual process involves creating mental journeys through places from the past: My Egyptian home.”

Rehab El Sadek 05

Rehab El Sadek uses light, shadow, history, and memory to conceptualize meditative journeys. A significant influence on her work is the rich history of Egypt, her native country, and other ancient civilizations. She borrows colors, textures, and materials from antiquity in an effort to contribute to a vernacular that’s been around for thousands of years. Utilizing a centuries-old mnemonic technique known alternately as the Method of Loci and the Memory Palace, she meditates on forgotten places culled from childhood and difficult moments, constructing and linking individual objects.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Jan 1 — Apr 1 2021

Currently Based Texas, USA

Mediums Installation
Conceptual art
Mixed Media

Artist’s Website