May Parlar

“My main interest as an artist is to explore the human condition and the nomadic experience of ‘being’ in contemporary realities that are perpetually de&re -constructed.”

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May Parlar is a lens-based multidisciplinary artist born in Istanbul, Turkey. Growing up, she was raised between multiple countries and cultures by her immigrant parents. She currently lives between Berlin, Germany, New York, US, and Ankara, Turkey. This diverse world view has impacted her practice, reflecting her nomadic existence.

Concerned with belonging in constantly changing realities, Parlar’s work builds links between time, place, memory and the self. Her performances explore the human condition and the nomadic experience of ‘being’ that are perpetually constructed and deconstructed by movement. Her visual narratives playfully delve into her own existence and selfhood. Parlar’s body, often included in her recorded performances, installations, and land-work becomes an object for discussing human experience, alienation, belonging, authenticity, and temporality of the self.

As a first generation creative and professional, Parlar studied architecture and environmental design, which she practiced for years before completely immersing herself in her art practice. Her work has been widely published around the globe and exhibited in numerous museums, galleries and art fairs. Aside from her fine art practice, she is a documentary filmmaker, video activist and an educator.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Sep 15 — Dec 15 2023

Currently Based NY, USA

Hometown Istanbul, Turkey

Mediums Photography
Digital Photography

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