Will Jenkins

“I am a 1st generation creative in my family. I’ve had to make my way as an artist on my own while developing as a person.”

Will Jenkins (Sir Will) is a digital content creator specializing in video, mixed media, and photography. “I am a 1st generation creative in my family.” Will didn’t grow up in an arts community but always saw photography as a way to capture moments and document his life. His work is highly influenced by the style and culture developed uniquely in the South from the warm colors to the inherited symbols of status such as gold grills and cars on big rims. Will photographs with the intention of documenting the world around him while creating with the southern elements he idolizes. Expanding upon the work created through photography he works to transform portraits into new captivating and interactive works.

More About the Artist:

Will graduated from Winthrop University with a double major in Business Management and Marketing Communications where he was able to develop his skills while working to create content for his clients. Will has exhibited at the Elder Gallery, Mint Museum, and Harvey B. Gantt Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Atlanta, Georgia with the Chinese Food Collective, and Durham, North Carolina with Golden Belt Gallery.

Artist Information

Residency Dates Jan 9 — Apr 18 2023

Currently Based NC, USA

Partners Atrium Health