Studio Party 15


Saturday, April 18 from 7–10 PM

McColl Center
for Art + Innovation

A nationally acclaimed contemporary art center dedicated to connecting art and artists with the community.

Located in a historic, neo-Gothic church in Uptown Charlotte, the Center houses nine artist studios and over 5,000 square feet of Gallery space. We welcome the public to explore our exhibitions and connect with artists through various programs including open studios, community engagement initiatives, workshops and more.


The Center takes an active role in presenting contemporary art and the creative process as a road to open dialogue and innovative thinking. The Innovation Institute is a program designed to extend our mission as a catalyst for change by growing capacity, both for individuals and organizations.

All of the Innovation Institute’s programs are built using a similar framework and operate under the belief that creativity is not some mystical power that has been bestowed upon a select few. Rather, it’s a muscle that everyone has and a skill that anyone can strengthen and apply.

Upcoming Exhibitions + Events

Viva La Cook Triple Crown Grill Off + Food Wisdom Day

Mar 7, 10 AM – 3:00 PM

An event filled with good food, great stories, well-balanced healthy eating, and lots of fun.

Wine Club with Anne Lemanski
Presented by The Contemporaries

Mar 12, 6–7:30 PM

Current Artist-in-Residence Anne Lemanski's work is paired with different wines selected by a representative from Advintage Distributing.

Family Day/Día de Familia
on Open Studio Saturday

Mar 14, 12–4 PM

Explore, learn, make art and meet artists during Family Day/Día de Familia, inspired by Dignicraft’s exhibition Encuentros/Encounters. Local Latin American artists will showcase their art in addition to special screenings of Dignicraft’s acclaimed documentary film Brilliant Soil/Tierra Brillante.


At The Center
Inspiration by Dignicraft

“What inspires us is human dignity, social justice, and the artisanal way of creation.”

Community Engagement
Building Connections Between Artists and Communities

McColl Center for Art + Innovation is vital in supporting community inspired, artist-led interventions which contribute to social and economic vitality of our community. The emerging field is creative placemaking and no one is a bigger champion of this critical work than our very own Lisa Hoffman.

At The Center
Happy Holidays from McColl Center!

See our 15-Year Anniversary Holiday Video!

In the News
Art as Flood Control

Lisa Hoffman - featured on Live Science fostering civic engagement through art and science.

Get Involved

The McColl Center for Art + Innovation relies on the generosity of others who are dedicated to supporting artists regionally, nationally and internationally and promoting contemporary art. Learn more about how you can help advance community through the creative process.

“The Innovation Institute increased our comfort with disruptive change and allowed us to view issues from multiple perspectives. We experienced the artist’s need to pivot and change during the creative process. ‘Pivot’ is now a daily part of ...” » Read More

Debra Plousha Moore,
Carolinas HealthCare System