Opening Reception: Friday, May 15, 6–9 PM

McColl Center
for Art + Innovation

A nationally acclaimed contemporary art center dedicated to connecting art and artists with the community.

Located in a historic, neo-Gothic church in Uptown Charlotte, the Center houses nine artist studios and over 5,000 square feet of Gallery space. We welcome the public to explore our exhibitions and connect with artists through various programs including open studios, community engagement initiatives, workshops and more.


The Center takes an active role in presenting contemporary art and the creative process as a road to open dialogue and innovative thinking. The Innovation Institute is a program designed to extend our mission as a catalyst for change by growing capacity, both for individuals and organizations.

All of the Innovation Institute’s programs are built using a similar framework and operate under the belief that creativity is not some mystical power that has been bestowed upon a select few. Rather, it’s a muscle that everyone has and a skill that anyone can strengthen and apply.

Upcoming Exhibitions + Events

Wine Club with TAPROOT Ensemble
Presented by The Contemporaries

Jun 11, 6–7:30 PM

New Frequencies: Pat O'Neill
Visionary Optics – Short Films by Pat O’Neill

Jun 12, 8–9:30 PM

Visionary Optics – Short Films by Pat O’Neill

Open Studio Saturday

Jun 13, Noon–4 PM

You’re invited to experience what makes McColl Center the vibrant contemporary art center that it is by joining us for Open Studio Saturday.


At The Center
Robert Lazzarini in 3D

Alumni Artist-in-Residence Robert Lazzarini on using 3D printing as a tool for rapid prototyping sculptures.

Innovation Institute
New ideas begin at the Innovation Institute

Composer, music theorist, writer, and artist John Cage inspires us with a simple quote.

In the News
Bright Stars in McColl Center’s Sky

McColl Center Artists Chris Watts and Endia Beal are two “artists to watch” who are gaining national and international attention.

In the News
Honoring Our Military Through Art

Alumni Artist-in-Residence Charles Kapsner is creating five paintings depicting and honoring the history of the U.S. military.

Get Involved

The McColl Center for Art + Innovation relies on the generosity of others who are dedicated to supporting artists regionally, nationally and internationally and promoting contemporary art. Learn more about how you can help advance community through the creative process.

“Leading a team of geographically dispersed professionals who are continuously seeking innovative solutions for their customers, the Innovation Institute experience personally engaged myself and our team in the process and importance of creative coll...” » Read More

Bob Bertges,
Wells Fargo Corporate Real Estate